December 29, 2015 Riley


  • Why?
  • What is it?
  • What does it mean?
  • Who cares?
  • Will all this work I do matter in the end?
  • Who has the perfect life?
  • What is the perfect life?
  • How do I live the perfect life?
  • Do I want the perfect life?

These are some deep questions to have.  Frankly we should have them, how else can we find an answer?  I have been burdened with these questions many times.  Do I know the answers?  No, but I have an answer.  Here’s a heads up, everyone’s answer is different, that’s the beauty with it.  I want to take a moment and describe what life is in my own words and from my own feelings and thoughts.  Life is an indescribably beautiful thing.  There is not one person with the same life as you.  It’s absolutely unique in every way.  Life is hard, fun, sad, scary, terrible, awful, magical, marvelous, tremendous.  Life is every adjective you can think of.  It goes beyond words, it’s feeling.  That’s what life is… it’s feeling.  The feeling of belonging, the feeling of acceptance, the feeling of accomplishment. It’s overwhelming trying to describe or define life.  To sum it up, life is love.  Let’s take a quiz.  Ask yourself this question,

  1. Am I happy?

Think about it.  I bet there is something missing that distorts a tangible happiness.  You can find happiness, it’s within you. Now, ask yourself these questions,

  1. Who do I live for?
  2. What do I live for?
  3. Who’s life am I living?

Simple questions with answers that most of us don’t want to know.  It is hard to admit that you are not happy and are living a life that doesn’t bring you joy.  The worst is living a life for someone else, because they expect it.  That takes away individuality, personality and rationality.  I know what it’s like to live a life you don’t want to live or a live a life that you can’t live.  You need to decide to live, decide to live your life.  When you embrace life you are embracing yourself and the world around you and the world around you is what you make of it.  When you decide to live changes will inevitably happen.  This will require patience, diligence, accountability and persistence. Don’t give up when living for yourself.  This isn’t a selfish thing to do, when you are happy and you feel good naturally you will be more willing to good in the world.  Your goodness is added to the universe that makes a small but important difference.  How can you help others if you don’t help yourself?  More importantly, how can you love others if you don’t even love yourself.  When you love who you are you live your life.  All the rest comes in time.  Life can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t be.  You were born with what you need to succeed. I promise you, when you decide to live your life you will be happy and you will be doing what you were born to do.  Decide life over everything.  Let me give you a small help to decide life;

  • Accept Life:  Decide to live your own life.  Decide to live for you.  Accept who you are and who you can become.  You are not someone else for a reason.
  • Find your inner-kid:  When you were a kid you wanted to do things, see things, and be things.  You were a dreamer.  You had hobbies and developed talents.  Find that inner-kid to figure out what makes you tick.  Maybe you loved drawing, maybe you loved reading, maybe you loved music, maybe you loved math.  Whatever it was find it and cultivate it, love it and be happy.  Whatever makes you, you; will teach you who you are supposed to be.
  • Live within your means:  Don’t live a life you can’t afford. Don’t live a life you can’t support mentally, physically or emotionally.  You are not another person for a reason, be you.  Whatever talents you have are what you use to live within your means.  Start with what you have then grow and progress to the next level.  What I am trying to say here is don’t live the life of a world-renowned pianist if you don’t know the difference between the black and white keys.  Do you catch my drift?
  • Decide Life:  This one is self-explanatory.  After you’ve accepted who you are, sought-out what makes you, you; and started to live within your means, you then live.  You are on the road to true happiness.  I can promise you that once you have  ‘Life Decided’ you can answer any question you need.

Don’t live a life you are not cut out for.  Remember that life is yours.  You have the ingredients for a life recipe that is 100% yours. The only way to know who you are, who you live for, and who’s life you are living is by LIVING. Soon you can say “My Life is Decided.”

be happy.