November 12, 2015 Riley

Success doesn’t meet you halfway.  Success isn’t something you wait for.  You wait for buses, for medical results, for a headache to go away, not for success.  However you define success is up to you.  I define it as the ability to do happily what you love as best you can.  Earl Nightingale says successful people are the ones who deliberately work toward a worthy goal.  (The Strangest Secret, 1956) A successful person is one who achieves his/her goals, one who makes a constant effort to progress, not one who tries for a short moment then gives up.  Consistency makes or breaks you as a successful person.  An entrepreneur is a successful person.  “Why are they broke?”  “Why have all their businesses so far failed?”  Who said success equaled money?  Money comes after success is reached, not before.  The entrepreneurs are broke because they’re consistently trying to make it.  The entrepreneur’s businesses have failed because their consistent effort will pave the way for a successful business.  They are successful because they are trying to make something of themselves, not be made of someone else.  Just like entrepreneurs, you need to bridge the gap to success.

Remember success is not having a mansion, a plane, a yacht, or a butler.  Success is derived from your happiness.  It stems from you doing what you love because you’re good at it.  Imagine, for a moment, you are standing at the edge of a cliff where you cannot see anything below.  Across the abyss is your true happiness.  What are you going to do?  Are you going to walk away and say “I’ll have to do without?”  Come on! What do you need to think about?  What you didn’t realize is you have everything you need to build a bridge to the other side.  You need to start building piece by piece.  This requires all of your skill, talent, and effort.  You won’t be able to build halfway and expect the rest will come to you.  This takes consistency.  It’s not going to be easy but you can find it deep within to keep going.  I need you to realize something, YOU ARE THE BRIDGE ITSELF!  Take a look back at what I was saying;

  • You need to build piece by piece. You need to take it one step at a time.
  • It requires all of your skill, talent, and effort.  Of course, you need to use what you were born with to grow.
  • You won’t be able to build halfway, the other half won’t come to you because you are already enough, you just need to cultivate all you have within.
  • It takes consistency.  Consistency is an attribute of a successful person.
  • It’s not going to be easy but you can find it deep within to keep going.  You are your biggest and toughest opponent.  It’s not going to happen in one day, if you think it will your arrogant bridge will burn to the ground.  (Metaphorically speaking.)

You are the gap between where you stand and where you will find your true happiness.  The rest will come after you get there.  Here are a few tips on how to start the construction of your bridge:

  1. IMPORTANT: You need to know what your true happiness is.  Set A Goal.  You can’t build a bridge to anywhere unless you have something to reach.
  2. Take a moment to think deeply at what you’re good at.  Those things will relate to what you enjoy doing.  It can be 20 things or 2, it doesn’t matter you can still cross the chasm.
  3. Be grateful for the things that make you, you.  The things you can do are envied by some and desired by others.
  4. Focus on what you do best and perfect it.
  5. Keeping in mind, you will stumble.  Consistency is KEY.
  6. Once you get a hang of things, pick something you want to develop.
  7. Soon enough, your bridge is rapidly taking shape.
  8. Back to points 1-3.  This is your foundation and support for the rest of the bridge.  Don’t neglect it.  You don’t want to build a bridge based off of another person , your bridge will fall.  You are not “that” person for a reason.

As I am building my bridge, I would love to see everyone with a firm, steadfast bridge.  Remember you are what will bridge the gap between what you have now and your true happiness.  Success is the result of a conscious effort to be happy.  Your successful the moment you are happy.

People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” – Earl Nightingale

be happy.