Change is Scarey!

March 3, 2015 Colin

As a human race we are literally being denounced by this simple yet life choking notion of FEAR! In an amazing book I read, I read about the truth of fear and our perception of it as a human race. The book is called the “Motivation Manifesto”. It’s a really interesting read about Fear. Anyway I want to take about a specific fear:


When an arch is formed or made there is a piece that is required to make the structure even possible. The Keystone! Without this piece the arch cannot stand, It cannot continue to take shape Delicatearch1and it cannot become what it’s meant to be. The fear of change can be the keystone of our arch, or it can just be the piece in the middle of the structure that fade and fall with time – or removed,  leaving the arch what it was meant to become.

Today, negative energy pervades our lives simply because we despise the inevitable hardships of change. I know that I’ve spent that last 10 years waking up wanting to change and become the person I feel like I’m supposed to be. But, then the day comes and goes. I worked hard, I spent time with my family, I do some “honey-do’s”. But, still, I feel another day went by that I didn’t do something to get me closer to my goals, aspirations and the me that I want to be…. Yes this version of me is all for my family, I want to give them the world. So I can’t get caught up in it so much that it peel’s the layers of family away from my life that I want and work so hard to create.  My point is, life comes and goes, if we don’t pay attention to things, we can lose it. That’s why god gave us the ability to grow as humans, not just as kids but as in forever!  Change is supposed to be a part of our lives. The key is to remember that life has two constant recurring themes throughout: Struggle and Progression, without the former, the latter would surely die! So, when we find ourselves listening to the incessant wining and complaining part of our self that wants nothing but convenience. That part of you is NOT fit to be the ruler of our life! Be aware of yourself! Love your potential.


When I let go of what I am, I become who I might be

~Lao Tzu