Depression: How It Should Promote Progression & Never Regression

November 26, 2015 Riley

Depression…hm….what a feeling. Have you been depressed?  Are you depressed now? Is it possible to cure?  I want to shed some light on these questions. But I ask for an open mind as you read this article.  I will never understand the depth of your sadness as you will never understand mine.  The law of relativity is real.  What is hard for one is easy for another and what is easy for one is hard for another.  Depression is not a competition to see who is lower or in a darker place.  That is offensive.  If you are downhearted, I express my love and appreciation for you.  I wish I could say the magic word to relieve you of the weight of the world on your shoulders. I write this to open a door of hope. I don’t know what the cure is.  I am not here to say I understand the malfunctioning neurological process or chemical imbalance in the brain that causes this feeling.  This is not a scholarly article written after hours of research.  This is a glimmer of hope to someone, anyone.  If you think about it, what could it hurt?  You’ve tried every other way NOT to be depressed, so why not? If you walk away feeling offended by what I have to say, take it with a grain of salt.  This is an optimistic and progressive view of depression.

Bottling up your emotions and storing them deep within is just as destructive as holding a piece of dynamite with a 10-mile long fuse.  Eventually it will blow up.  Holding in those feelings of being alone, not understood, unwanted, or inadequacy isolate you even more.  Depression is bad enough, it is unproductive to add to it.  Does it feel like your depression hinders your progress?  Do you regress mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually?  Can depression be a progression?  I believe so.  Here’s why.  Think of your depression as a gauge of your soul’s potential. Your soul is connected to the universe. (When I say universe, to me it’s God, but you can view it however it helps you relate.)  Your soul existed before your physical body did.  It knows your full potential.  When your soul is saddened, it’s saying you are worth much more than you think.  It’s like hunger, your body is programmed to say “feed me” when it needs nutrients. I don’t know what your soul craves to keep it satisfied, that’s up to you.  I will say it’s definitely not drugs, alcohol, or other addictions. These do more damage and set you back even further.  All living souls with physical bodies are good, and came from a good place.  You are inherently good, therefore your soul will crave good things.  When your soul is saddened-depressed- it’s hungry.  It craves good things like music, positive thoughts, affection, literature, creativity, or something as simple as a smile. Those are your souls nutrients.  If you deprive yourself of nutrients, you suffer.  Numbing the hunger will starve you completely.  I want to give 3 easy things to feed your hungry soul.

  1. Recognize your soul is hungry.  Accept it.  It happens, so don’t feel bad or weak. You are not alone.
  2. Feel the hunger for a moment, let your soul tell you what it needs.  Don’t try to suppress it immediately.
  3. Consistently add a nutrient that makes you happy and at the same time live up to your potential.

Those are three easy changes to your routine.  Call me crazy but they might just work!  This is how depression can be progressive rather than regressive.  Each time you feel depressed it’s another way for you to be reminded you need something more, or you need to change something, or you need to get rid of something.  It’s your potential meter, that indicates when you are not fully living up to what your soul dictates.  Remember your soul comes from the universe and knows who you truly are.  When you are down, know that you are worth more than you think.  You amount to much more.  That means live more, add more goodness to your life.  Just because you are depressed you can always progress instead of regress.  You are not alone. When the hunger strikes, eat!

With All Our Love,

-The Life Decided Family

be happy.

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