Do You Get Off Or Stay On?

June 7, 2016 colin

Have you ever been driving along on the freeway and up in the distance you see something that sets off a process in your mind? You begin to tense up, most likely get annoyed and irritated, and immediately you start trying to make a decision.

Traffic not only causes irritation but possible tardiness which can be very bothersome. But for some people it has a secret benefit. That benefit is the opportunity to be in control of their world. Which seems to be a rarity these days for a lot of people. If we see that traffic coming we get to decide if we want to take it on, or get off the next exit. We go through that hypothetical math in our heads, “Which way is gonna be faster?”.  A lot of us get off even though there’s a good chance that it still might be faster to just stay through the traffic. But we feel good, because we think that we made the right decision.

In reality that good feeling is Decision itself. Making decisions is a hard-wired attribute in the human body. Unfortunately ego and social design has done its best to bury it way inside.
And there are those people who don’t even consider getting off the freeway. They just sit there mindlessly accepting what life hands them as “The way it is.”. I’m not saying that if you do this you are a lost cause, I’m saying that you are in more need of change then the person who is actively making decisions in their life, even if they’re as small as getting off the freeway to escape traffic. That feeling of control is a natural, good feeling that helps us feel like we can guide our life and who we are. We should not be ashamed of that, rather we should embrace that. Be in control of what you do with life’s pitches, in control of who you are and what you are becoming.

We should constantly be working on becoming more decisive, and reaching our full potential. Decisions are part of everyday life, so it’s easy for us to blind ourselves from them, out of defense just so that we can get a moment to relax. But we shouldn’t be so general with what we we don’t let in, rather we should be making deliberate decisions about deliberate things in our lives and doing our best along the way, whether they are the right decision or the wrong decisions.
If you do feel yourself falling into that mediocre acceptance, and letting everything fall upon you without exception or denial then Wake up! Make life interesting again, reignite the flame within, find who you are and where the real you went. Things were exciting when you were a kid, life had so much potential. Don’t let what someone told you about what life is about give you a stamp of mediocrity. You have the right, the privilege, and the duty to do your best at what you do and be the best at being you.

Live Life Decided!