Ever Wonder Why You Don’t Achieve Your Goal?

June 29, 2016 Riley

Setting a goal is one thing but achieving it is another.  Saying “I’m going to do this by this day” is easy, but what happens on that day?  Did you succeed?  A lot of the times no, and that’s very frustrating- I know the feeling.  I have always asked myself, “what’s the secret to accomplishing a goal?”


I had a two year period of setting daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals.  My weekly goals reflected what the monthly goal was, and my daily reflected the weekly goals to help achieve the monthly.  I mean it when I say two years, for 730 days I was setting goals.  Most of the time I didn’t achieve them exactly, I got close a few times.  It took almost the whole two years to start to understand the secret.


Good goal setting isn’t an elaborate and carefully thought out process to achieve something, because achieving something going to happen by thought alone.  You need action.  Planning on how exactly you will achieve a goal is setting you up for a frustrating ride.  There are too many variables to plan for.


The plan should be, ‘go for it.’  The rest comes to you.  Good goal setting isn’t putting down a number, date, or desire of what you think you can achieve because chances are you will sell yourself short…way short! Good goal setting does include a beginning, a middle and an end.


The secret has nothing to do with what you write down or the process by which you strive to obtain your worthy goal.  I am sure you’ve heard the expression ‘aim for the moon so you al least hit the stars?’  How would you like to aim for the moon and hit the sun?  I know I would. Or how would you like to perform on top of your game always?  We all do.


Let me make something clear, we haven’t achieved our goal before we woke up, we haven’t achieved our goals long before we wrote them down, and long before we even thought of them. Most of us started our adult life off on the wrong foot, meaning we have learned to sell ourselves short for many years.  We have created mental limitations that imprison us in the mediocre.


This theme of limitations we have constructed that only allow our minds to go as far as the eye can see applies to more than just goal setting.  It applies in our everyday lives.  A very good example was brought to my attention by a good friend.  He talked about how the majority of people that surround him in the industry he works in limit their own progress.


He’s a personal trainer and he constantly hears comments like, “I can’t get big unless I do steroids,” or “I cannot be skinny unless I take diet pills.”  His frustrations are acceptable, these examples are of people who have created unnecessary boundaries that prohibit their potential from flourishing.


Our minds are our only hope to succeed but there’s a huge issue with that…US.  We control how, what, when, why we think.  The limitations we have in place are because we let them in.  With that, we can remove them and achieve greater heights than ever before.  We can also actually accomplish our worthy goals.  Here are three easy steps to remove the limitations.


  1.  MINDSET- When it comes to setting goals or being able to live up to your full potential our minds have to be dialed in.  We cannot afford to sell ourselves short.  Before we fathom the idea of achieving something we have to remove the limits that say, you’re too slow, you’re too big, you’re too dumb, you’re too weak.  This requires you telling yourself ‘why not?’   It’s imperative you have a positive self-image before any plan is made. You should think of yourself much higher than you are right now.  You need to see yourself succeeding. All this step is positive thinking!


  1. ACTION- This step is the easiest to accomplish.  Once you have a positive mindset your next move is to move!  Get going on your goal.  Don’t plan to go, just go.  The longer you wait for the perfect time the faster you head toward a failure.  Keep in mind the answer is there once you get moving, you just have to believe it exists.


  1. RESILIENCE-  This step is the hardest to accept and apply but it’s the most beneficial and growth promoting.  Since in step 2 you took off without much, you will need to be resilient.  By that I mean have faith, look forward with a smile not knowing what’s around the corner because you could be three feet from gold. There will be ups and many downs, but if you bounce back from every single one you will achieve greatness.  Don’t seek out being a success, be successful!


We have constructed our very own boundaries and limitations in our mind. We’ve grown up with a culture of achieving the bare minimum, but we can get rid of it.  Now, with the three steps in mind you should put them into action, from there I have nothing to worry about because YOU WILL SUCCEED!  Live Life Decided.


be happy.