L.I.F.E. (Live It Fully Everyday)

August 21, 2016 Riley

It is impossible to explain life or what it means to live. Since the beginning of humanity these questions have been studied, created philosophies, wondered, asked, and synthesized. There has never been one answer, the answers are endless. I offer my understanding and conviction of what life is. This may be what you need to get out of a funk of failure, depression, confusion, or sadness. This is not going to be the answer for everyone but I guarantee every successful person will agree with me. If what I say resonates with you then take it and run with it, apply it to your life and watch the miracles appear.


Life is subjective, it is completely up to us how we live it. Therefore, it is up to us to define life. We are able to find meaning, truth, substance, and a place in the world. This means the definition of life is what you make of it. No matter how someone tells you to live it, you have the choice to accept or reject any way of life. This to me is the most beautiful thing about life-choice. Life is a decision.


If we want to live a happy fulfilling life, we need to choose so. If we’d rather be cynical about life then we will reap the negativity of a cynic. You might ask, why do bad things happen? Or what about those born into awful circumstances? I can’t answer those questions on a case by case basis but I can say the curve balls life throws are equally subjective. This is where some will disagree, I can assure you that the impact a certain event has on our lives depends on how we accept it. Again, it comes down to a decision.


Happiness is a choice, this is a uniform belief held across the board. I will dare to say those who do not think that happiness is a choice probably haven’t chose to be happy. This could be from lack of E.Q. (Emotional Intelligence), knowledge, strength, or desire. Maybe there have been too many bad things happening in your life to agree that happiness is in our control. I want you to know that it is OUR choice. Why would I want you to know this? So you can be happier! Life can be wonderful even in the midst of dark times.


The negative in the world is accompanied by an equal or greater amount of positive. I am not naive enough to say happiness is an easy decision that is made once and then you’re happy forever. I said earlier that life is a decision. Life isn’t just one happening, it is continuous which means continuous decisions-decisions to be happy. This is how I define life, a choice. Life is what we make of it. LIfe will be as exciting, fun, joyous, successful as we make it. The same goes for the opposite. Life will be as sad, dull, boring, and bad as we make it.


If you don’t agree take a look at how you react to the happenings in your life and pay attention to how it plays out based on your attitude. Better yet jump right into choosing to be more positive and hopeful. When your back is up against the wall and you don’t see a way out, look for one good thing and watch the wall change into a door. There is a funny feature about doors, you have to open them. Your next step is to open the door. By opening the door you have decided to face your issues. Suddenly you will know how to overcome your challenges much easier with peace in your heart and mind.


I learned a powerful practice that has been dramatically helped me. It is simple, don’t add your opinion to what happens to you. What I mean by this is when you have a trial don’t accept it as more than what it is. For example, you get fired from your job. What does that mean? Do you go hungry? Do you become homeless? Obviously if you let those things become then yes. But the correct answer is no. You getting fired means you got fired, nothing more. You can get a new job, maybe a better one with more opportunity. Take everything as it is. If you’re going to add anything to what happens to you, make it positive.


We will always have the answer if we believe the answer is there. The answer will meet us half-way if we are willing to go the distance. Life will be exactly what we make of it. It can be our best friend if we want it as such. Life is a choice, life is a decision. So it’s only fitting if I end by saying LIVE LIFE DECIDED!


be happy

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  1. Great blog Riley. People like myself can learn a lot by applying these principals when life is throwing us continuous curve balls. How we choose to react/think about circumstances that occur can manifest into all other aspects of our life.

    “As you think, so shall you become” Bruce Lee

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