Life Decided Colin and Riley
Colin Nielsen (Left) Riley Nielsen (Right)

We are the founders of Life Decided


Started his family at the age of 15, by getting married and having his first son, Connor.


Found his life's calling while living and serving people in Bogotá, Colombia.

Colin And Riley

Struggled to get along as young kids. But stuck together through their challenges. They lost the relationship when Colin got married and had to take care of his family.


After struggling for 14 years to find what he was meant to do with his life.  How he was going to support his family in a much better way than his childhood?  What career could he do and still be there for his family?  How could he feel fulfilled. All these things weighed on him heavily. "Being and adult at the age of 15 is tough!"


Not knowing what to do, he lived his life aimlessly.  He let circumstance and environment control him.  He began his journey of growth and progress by controlling his outcome.  He was able to do so by acting for himself instead of being acted upon.  His little decisions to be better led to amazing results, most importantly-happiness.

Colin and Riley

After a very in-depth introspection and journey to find their calling.  They both knew the whole process was very hard on them, they counseled together and found that helping people with this exact process, was what they needed to do.

-Life Begins When It's Decided.

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