Life Decided

February 19, 2015 Riley

I am in no way a savvy business man that’s my brother. I am a what I like to think an inspired young man. I take each step by faith the best I can. I am driven by spiritual experiences and knowledge.   I in no way intend to tell anyone how to live and decide because it’s our personal duty to do so for ourselves. I intend to give my opinion and knowledge of how we are children of a Father in Heaven. If you don’t share the same beliefs you can apply the same principles to your higher power.

My brother said he is taking a little step in the right direction to rid his life of procrastination the best he can. I am too doing so.

I want everyone to know that the title Life Decided  is divine.  We all lived in a place with our Heavenly Father and we all decided to come to earth to progress. Our life was decided then, so why let it go to waste here? The tree was already planted in us when we were born, it’s our job to cultivate it.  Each of us has a Divine Potential! As we figure things out we progress and the tree grows.

I will tell my story in later posts I wanted to get us prepared, a tiny bit, for what to expect. If you enjoy things like this then stick around!