February 15, 2016 Riley

Life will be as hard, boring, negative, slow, and unsuccessful as we choose. Conversely, life will be as easy, fun, positive, controlled, and successful as we choose. Take a moment to think about how many decisions you make every day.  How many of those decisions require effort?  How many of them are significant?  How many negatively impact your life?  How many positively impact your life?  If you are in the trap of coasting through your day with no significant goal, dream, or vision you need to live life decided. Living life decided requires desire, goal management, forward living, and love and enjoyment. Including these in your life will greatly impact your life for the better because whether we like it or not, we create our own happiness.


Before we can do anything we need to have the desire to accomplish what we want.  Without desire we are dammed to constant stagnation.  If you don’t desire happiness then you won’t be happy.  If you don’t desire wealth you will be poor.  If you don’t desire to serve, you will stay selfish.  If you don’t desire progress, you’ll be dragged backward.  It all starts in our hearts and in our minds.  Within us is infinite power but we need to desire to tap into it. I would never have accomplished anything if I didn’t want it. The take-away from this is, find what you desire and decide in your heart to work for it. Once we know that we want to act, we can start moving. However, the road is not always paved.


We all have a time in our lives where we are stagnant.  We have all walked in circles whether we want to admit it or not.  Even if we have the desire to be something or do something or obtain something we don’t always feel like we are getting somewhere. Why is that?  It’s because we don’t have a set direction.  In other words we don’t have a goal.  A single goal can get someone who has walked in the same circle for 10 years to take a new course. It’s amazing how goals work.  If you have a goal in mind and you simply think about it, there is no way you cannot get it.  Once you write a goal, tell the goal to someone, or think about a goal, it’s in the Universe.  The Universe will make sure you get what you want.  Don’t think the result you want will fall into your lap, you must reach out and grab it.


After you have set the desire in your heart and set a worthy goal you must work to get what you want.  Yes, the Universe will make sure you can succeed.  Imagine it this way, the Universe doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you the opportunities to get what you want.  This is called forward living.  We need to live in the moment but know that what you do today will help tomorrow. Live toward your goal.  Make sure all that you do will help you get what your heart desires.  You must live, think, and act positively to get positivity. Dorothea Brand said, “Act as is it were impossible to fail.”  This is essential for our progress.


The last step in living life decided may seem like it should be number one.  Truthfully, it’s number one, two, three, four, five, six, seven…you get the picture.  Love, we need to love and enjoy our lives.  WE are amazing, let’s act like it.  We have to love ourselves for who we are, what we are, and why we are.  NOT for where we come from, what we have, or where we live because these things are immaterial.  We can find out we are pretty awesome if we just look.  Love is the center of everything.


Live life decided by finding your desire, managing your goals, forward living, and loving your journey.  Amazingly a simple thought can and will change our lives.  Living life decided is true living, there is no wandering, running in place, or failure.  There is nothing better than living a life you decided to live.  Never take who you are for granted.


be happy.