My Buddy

July 26, 2015 Riley

Three men die and go to heaven.  They are in a waiting room awaiting an interview to get in to enter heaven.  Man #1 goes in the room and all he could see was a man sitting in a chair.  Man #1 goes in and sits down and the first question the man across from him asks, “what do you know about Jesus?”  Man #1 replied,”well.. to be completely honest I don’t know much about him.”  The two part ways and man #2 enters the room.  The interviewer asks immediately, “what do you know about Jesus?” Man #2 said confidently, “Um, I know He was the son of God and was a great teacher.  He always walked around doing good, healing the sick and afflicted.  And He was the Savior of all mankind.”  The two men parted ways.  Man #3 entered the room a few steps and stops.  Man #3 starts crying and he ran the rest of the way in and fell to the interviewers feet and wet them with his tears and said Lord please have mercy on me. The interviewer was Jesus Himself.  I heard this story and asked myself, “would I be able to recognize my Savior and Redeemer if I saw Him?” I hope and pray that I do.

This article is all about Jesus.  Anything I learn or believe or know is because of Him.  I wanted to write something to express my thanks to Him.  I try and emulate the example He left, I fall every step of the way.  However He is there by my side to constantly lift me back up.  I don’t always do things He would approve of nor accept.  I don’t appreciate Him enough nor do I serve like Him.  I don’t teach like Him or love like Him.  I am far from Him in every way but that won’t keep me from trying along side Him to refine my innate godliness.  He is more vested in my well being, perfection, and happiness than I am, which is why He never gives up on me in my sinful ways.  I love my Savior. I believe in Him.  If He came up to me and asked me like He did to His disciples, “whom say ye that I am?” (Matthew 16:17)  I would answer like this;

Lord, you are my Savior and Redeemer.  You condescended from your Heavenly dwelling next to our Father in Heaven to come here and were born in some lowly circumstances.  You grew by grace each day suffering in the flesh.  You were a God trapped in a mortal body with all the passions, desires, appetites, and temptations we all do.  You never gave in to Satan’s cunning.  You did more good to those who needed it most, some of whom I would never have paid attention to.  You brought the most blessed thing to the earth, the Gospel.  You taught, blessed, healed, converted, and saved lives. You took upon yourself all of our sicknesses, sins, guilt, pain, infirmities, and suffering which caused you to bleed from every pour.  In the end you were hated, captured, whipped, beaten, spit upon, and crucified.  Your suffering was something I cannot comprehend nor will I even have the audacity to try. However, you were resurrected the third day, you beat death!  I don’t know how you did it, but you did!  Through it all the only thing that kept you going was the infinite love you have for us your brothers and sisters.  Again that love I don’t understand.  You are my hope, my faith, and the anchor to my soul.  You have got me through hard times with a smile on my face.  You changed my heart completely and made me a new man.  You introduced to me the greatest joy I have ever experienced.  I can’t possibly thank you or even begin to do so.  I will do my best to repay you by believing, and helping others to believe. I know through experience that your infinite wisdom and love is awaiting everyone.  There is not a single sin that you cannot erase.  You can do it all, so can I then. (Philippians 4:13)  Because of you I get to make mistakes and be fallible.  Because of you I can live with my family again once we part from this Earth.  Because of you I will be able to be a God and dwell with You and God one day.  Because of you I can know the way. Because of you I am happy. Because of you I am here.  Anything I do will be in your name.  I am eternally thankful for what you did!  I love you.

Jesus you’re my friend, my buddy, and my Savior.  Thank you.