Our Full Potential

June 5, 2015 Colin

Life isn’t meant to be done alone! There is so much more we can accomplish in life with the help of others.  The word “limitless” becomes a reality when we are truly able to incorporate people into the events, trials, goals and endeavors of our lives. I’m not just talking about a spouse either.  Although, the right spouse can literally make or break you, and applies just as much to this lesson as any other type of partner in life.  It seems, to me anyway -until recently that most the time when we decide to make a change in our life or go after something, some kind of next level.  We think that we need to go after it all by ourselves.  The reasons are probably pretty similar; We don’t want to share with anyone because, what if, once I start, I don’t want to do it anymore!?  What if they are better than me?! What if, in the process our relationship is compromised?!  “What if” that, and “what if” this.  And probably the most popular, What if I fail? Then, I will let the people I involved down.  These are normal fears, or normal for our culture anyway.  In today’s culture we tend to be afraid of thing that can’t actually cause us harm.  I know I’ve been there!  We have been trained to feel that way, so we just have to get over it!  Quick tip, every time you feel a negative thought or fear, just automatically think of something positive.  Watch, soon you will be thinking more positively and feeling better about life. Which in turn will make it easier for you to make changes and grow as a person. The key is to try and turn it into a habit.  But creating good habits is a whole other topic that I could write multiple articles on.  And I will, in the future.

So when we make the decision to do something, to make a change, maybe to grow your business, take on a big project or start a business for that matter.  It’s important that we stop and take stock.  Make sure that you have thought out some of the details and make a decision on bringing someone on board.  Bringing someone into your world can be a scary thing, because, let’s face it… People are weird.  But that’s the beauty behind it.  Whether or not this  person is going to be your spouse or your business partner, it’s important to find and create the right partnership.

Ford R. Bryan, a Henry Ford and historian said “Henry Ford, by himself couldn’t manage a small grocery store. And James Couzens could not have assembled a child’s kitty car.  Yet, together they built an organization that astounded the world.”  Couzens and Ford couldn’t have been more different and really, they didn’t get along that well.  And that made for a little bit of a bad situation. But the point is still valid, and the lesson is still worth learning, especially from one of the most incredible people this world has had.

If Henry Ford isn’t a big enough deal, let’s go farther back to the biggest deal of them all! God.  When God and Christ created the ideal mate for Adam. So that together they can reach their full potential.  He refers to Eve as ezer kenegdo which in the Hebrew language means “A helper against him”.  This to me is the perfect example to what it take to reach our full potential, or the full potential of a company.  We need our ezer kenegdo to get to that upper echelon.  There are so many great partnerships that it seems obvious- Jobs and Wosniak, Page and Brin, Gates and Allen, Hewlett and Packard, Omidyar and Skoll.  They were all game changers.  And in your personal life the right partner can be a life changer!

So pick who to bring into your fold. But first, pick to bring people into your fold.

Synergy- The combined power of a group of things, when they are working together, which is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately.

In partnership, the result is harmony, respect, love, and an explosion of creativity and joy.

Marc Allen