Plant the tree today!

February 19, 2015 Colin

558913_10151010251571428_254639730_nI was just sitting here at my desk, after a full day of working on a new business systems platform for a company that I work for. When the time came to stop that for the day, while I’m here at my computer I felt compelled to throw up a post. To be honest I’m not really sure what I’m going to write about. Especially because, technically this will be the first article published to this blog. Which is exciting, but a little different of an article format that is normally recommended for the first article on a blog. Which gives me the idea for topic of this article.

I’ve decided to touch on the topic of procrastination. Which can REALLY hit home with me because of my procrastination powers!  I seem to be really good at it sometimes. It seems that we always find ways or excuses around doing what we need to do. I know I do! Then later after you have wasted a whole day or filled it with other things-either important or not you feel, sorta lame. Right?! Well, this article is my little step in the right direction. Because there’s a big list of things that I want to get done in order to achieve my goals and dreams, or at least move towards them. This blog is one of them! By right direction, i mean, I’m taking actionable steps. Not just saying “Hey, I need to write the first article for the blog” then go ahead a put it off because I’m not sure what to write about. Or I’m waiting on someone else to do their part. But no, I’ve gone ahead and just started writing this article and yeah it’s not the best “first article”, it doesn’t fit some of the criteria for a blogs first article – at least according to some anyway. There are plenty of articles and advice about how to start a blog or any type of content marketing program. But honestly this is just more like an online journal and growth recorder for my brother and I, along with anyone reading this blog to help us grow and achieve what we were meant to be doing. Because if there’s something that excites you than you were probably meant to be doing it. And our talents are given to us for a reason, we must capitalize on them. People spend way to much time trying to be good at something they don’t like or want (more on that in another article). Even more sad, is we use these things as excuses to not change our fake selves into our real selves. Growth is painful, change is painful but lets face it, there’s nothing more painful than staying in the same place, a place you don’t belong.

There will be lot’s more on procrastination in more articles to come. I will write more on some actionable steps to help us get to the next step. For now, just remember the Chinese proverb:

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now!

Photo by: Scott Powell

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  1. I’m so glad you decided to write this! I think you’re never going to meet everyone’s expectations or standards, so there is certainly something to be said for just starting somewhere. One of my favorite quotes is this (by John C. Conley): “We are all teachers; we all have people who trust us and need our message. We must not let fear prevent us from being who we are. We must not wait for perfection.” That’s something I have worked on and continue to work on. It’s hard to not let the fear of imperfection hold you back. I definitely agree that if something excites you and grabs your attention, you were probably meant to be doing it. For me, I can tell what those things are because I lose track of time doing them, and sometimes it feels like they are happening through me – it doesn’t feel like grueling work. I would add to the last part that growth and change are painful, but the feeling of joy and freedom that comes from doing what’s right for you compensates for all of that! 🙂

    I love what you guys are doing here!

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