School vs. Life

March 22, 2015 Colin

I was pondering today the topic of my last article and wondering about life’s “test”. We have them all through out life! we are getting tested straight from the gates.  Yeah the test’s as a baby are medical test that relate to our health but still they are tests, none the less. It’s a set of predetermined criteria that we are supposed to meet in order to get a clean bill of health.  Then as we grow and enter into the school part of our life we are faced with the more traditional sense of the word “test”.  Ya know, math tests and stuff. Oh boy, math and I didn’t really ever get along.  Anyway, these test are a set of questions and/or problems used as a means of evaluating the abilities, aptitudes, skills, or performance of an individual that has been previously taught to the individual.  So basically we are taught a lesson then tested on that topic.  And there in lies one of the major differences between school and life. There’s a pretty good handful of other differences but for the sake of this article’s length, this is the one that I really think has a universal application to everyone. The difference is simply that, again, in school we are taught a lesson, then tested on it.  But in life we are given a test, to learn a lesson. And let’s face it life’s test are HARD!  That’s why it’s important that we all strive to change our mindset to take life’s punches, to learn and to grow from them. I know that might sound cliché, but believe me, I’ve had some real low’s, not just with my life situation but also with my mindset. I know how hard it may sound, I’m living that change now-hence, this blog. I want to grow, I you to grow! This earth would be such a better place if we all could find it within ourselves to be stronger through our test and realize that life can be hard and maybe even seem hopeless at times.  If we can, then we can become our own hero and stop worrying about how we keep getting the short end of the stick. Have you ever found a big stick and broken it some how, then tried to break it again. Yeah, it’s harder. That’s because a shorter stick is less prone to breaking.

I really believe that God doesn’t give us challenges that we can’t handle. Yeah there are people who have succumb to the stress of life or a certain situation. But I have faith that, that’s not because of the situation or how hard life is. It blows me away when I hear about the life that some people live. It’s crazy and to my consistent shock, they are usually the happiest people around.  I think that sometimes we create a more stress in our lives that we need to. From there it’s easy for our minds to create more stress. Let’s try to be more positive, and love ourselves.

The difference between school and life?….. In school, you’re taught a lesson then given a test…….. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you lesson.

~Tom Bodett