discover the truth, that you're already here

At a very young age I remember, whenever I was playing alone and having a grand ol' time, I would have these thoughts. I don't remember a whole lot from my childhood but I do remember these thoughts. Usually when I was playing around acting like I was a super hero or something I knew that it wasn't real, even though my imagination was pretty good. But there was always this interesting feeling that initially I just contributed to be a part of the game.  Then I realized that I could never shake it.  Soon this thought was constantly consuming my mind.  It felt different than my usual made up world. It felt like it was real, like it was my future.

I felt as though I had something special to offer the world, something unique.  It seemed to me that, one day I was going to be able to do something really good and help people and be very happy doing it.  Yes, as a kid I thought maybe it was superpowers. I thought, one day I will be able to fly or run real fast, haha.

As I grew older and the world kept moving forward with or without me I started spending time and energy trying to keep up with it. As I spend more time and energy keeping up with the world, the feeling of being something special slowly lost it's potency. Eventually it seemed as though that feeling was lost from me for good.  I just assumed that it was a part of growing up and becoming an adult. It was just a kids mind.

However, from time to time I would remember that feeling, I couldn't feel it, but I remember the feeling.