SOMETHING: The Key To Starting Again.

February 22, 2016 Riley

Life should be easier, shouldn’t it?  The answer is up to you.  I’ll tell you what I think, I think life is as easy as I decide it to be.  My life is my life.  I’m still young but I will say I’ve lived a long time.  I have learned a lot thus far.  I have hit dead ends, ran in circles, climbed staircases to nowhere, and took 5 steps back for every one step I took forward.  Continually going through a vicious cycle of mediocrity getting less-than desired results is annoying.  Frankly it’s a great motivator for complacency.  It gives the impression that the norm is the way to go.  Doing what everyone else does seems appealing and it sets you up for failure.  I ran into this a hundred and one times, just like many of you.  I’ve been there, you know, asking yourself where do I go?  What do I do?  Who am I?  What do I need to be?  Questions we can’t seem to get answers for.  Therefore we sit, we give up, and we let our dreams stay in our sleep.  The worst part is, we go through the same process over and over.  It’s not fun for me, I’m sure it’s not fun for most of us.  How do we get out of the cycle once we are discouraged?  If we decide to just give up because the last attempt didn’t work, can we start again?


The feeling of being stuck is not something anyone wants to feel, why do you think there are thieves and drug dealers?  Because the fear of failure is greater than the faith of success.  And more importantly the effort needed to succeed is stronger than the lack of effort to fail.  However, I see it this way, success is made up of the sum of little decisions and failure is the sum of little conformities.  By this I mean every time we act for ourselves, for something we want, we succeed and every time we follow the crowd of mediocrity we fail. How can we break this? Be, Do, See, Make something you want to Be, Do, See,  and Make. We need to get in the habit of deciding.  We can get off the train to nowhere and get on the train to where we want by acting for ourselves.  This is how to get out of the cycle of failure.  Something, anything to get us to act and carry out a predetermined goal.


Be the something your heart tells you to be.  Do something you want to do.  See something you want to see.  Make something you want to make.  Once you’ve done one of these things you have accomplished something you chose.  You’re then successful and you can easily continue to be successful if you keep being, doing, seeing, or making SOMETHING.  I am not concerned about what the something is if you’re actually deciding for yourself.  I believe if you follow your heart, you’ll be, do, see, and make something good.  We as humans are inherently good and want good surrounding us.  Get on the right track by getting in the habit of deciding, acting then accomplishing SOMETHING. You’ll be more successful when you be, do, see or make something.

be happy.