Synergy Is Key!

April 23, 2015 Colin

Getting along with other is a serious deal! Today I think that we as people have forgotten what it’s like to actually achieve a relationship with people that we are around a lot, especially when those people might be extra hard to be around.  We have a desired environment that we want and when that environment is compromised we tend to throw judgment, or act in a way that portrays our attitude.  Even worse, when someone is in a position of influence, and they feel negative towards someone.  One’s example flows naturally out of their character, the kind of person you truly are.  Your character is constantly radiating and communicating. From it, others come to instinctively trust or distrust you and your actions.  This type of behavior is becoming the norm. Then on top of that, an insecure person might think that all reality should be amenable to their paradigms. They have a high need to clone others, to mold them over into their own thinking. They don’t realize that the very strength of the relationship is in having another point of view. Sameness is not oneness; uniformity is not unity. Unity, or oneness is complementariness, not sameness. Sameness is uncreative… and rather boring to be honest.  The essence of true synergy is within the differences that you and your peers have. So embrace your lack of understanding, as Steven Covey always says,  “Seek first, to understand then to be understood”. That is how things get done! The more deeply you understand someone, the more you appreciate them, the more reverent you will feel about them.  Covey also says that “To touch someone’s soul is to walk on holy ground”.  It sounds to me that, in general, people are very tender, very sensitive inside. And I’m not convinced that age or experience makes any difference. Inside the most hardened, colossal exteriors are the tender feelings and emotions of our hearts.  Teamwork is the real challenge here.  We hear it all the time but it still gets swept under the rug after we pretend to apply it once or twice.  And to the leaders out there, this concept should be at the top of your list to achieve that upper echelon of leadership. In fact, as far as I can tell, the highest form of leadership is the ability to control emotion.  First your own emotions then others emotions.  Not manipulate them but understand their view and find a way to direct their emotions in a healthy way.

Anger only dwells in the bosom of fools

Albert Einstein