Why It’s So Easy Not To Begin

April 2, 2017 Riley

How many times have you wanted to start something but just didn’t get around to it?  How many times have you began a project but didn’t quite finish it?  I know that has been the case in my life on more than one occasion.  But why does that happen when we seem to really want to accomplish this thing?  In the moment we are driven, dedicated, and decided on getting this one thing done but soon we set it on the back burner for later.  Our strong desire to do something sometimes dies a lot faster than it lasts.  It is so interesting how that works with most everyone.  Why do we let some of our biggest dreams sit on the shelf and collect dust?  It’s sitting there waiting to be fulfilled, we are more than capable of accomplishing our dreams but something holds us back.


This happens with most everyone.  A lot of people repeat this same painful process their entire lives, some get sick of the torment of letting their dreams die so they act on them.  Most of us just need a little insight to help get us on the right track.  We simply need some help to not let our happiness disappear.  It’s not because we don’t have the ability or power to accomplish our goals, but it’s because we simply don’t know which way to go.  Here are two reasons why it’s so easy for us to never begin accomplishing our goals.

  1. We don’t actually want it

Really give this some thought, when we want something we do our best to get it, don’t we?  I know if I truly want to accomplish something I will fight, sacrifice, and struggle to accomplish it.  We make time for the things we want and excuses for the things we don’t.  When we dream up a beautiful plan in our minds and we can see it so vividly.  We see how we will accomplish it, what it’ll take, when we can get it done, and the reward we will receive because of it.  Either we begin and soon give it up or we leave it in our arsenal of ‘to dos’.  More than likely it’s because we don’t actually want it.  It’s easy to not begin when we don’t have any desire to sacrifice for something.  This doesn’t have to be a selfish desire.  There needs to be some inherent want behind our actions, whether it be to help someone else or to help you and your family.

  1.  We don’t believe we can do it

When we begin our journey we are excited and we feel great and things seem to be going our way, for a day or two.  Suddenly, things get hard, harder than we expected.  Day by day we slowly put this task off a little bit more until we don’t even work on our goals anymore. We began with energy and power but once we are working we lose it all because we don’t think we can do it anymore.  The task at hand seems daunting and we don’t believe we can actually do it.  How many times have you done this?  It’s so sad we miss out on so many wonderful things because of a deflated sense of self.  All it takes is a simple belief that we can do it.  Did you know belief isn’t knowledge?  We don’t have to ‘know’ we only need to have a hope.  We just need to simply believe that we can and go for it!


It’s easier said than done but it’s much better done than said.  When we have the desire to follow our dreams the easy thing to do is put it off, the hard thing is to start.  The real hard part is to keep working at it.  But the reward of accomplishment makes everything so worth it.  The truth is sometimes hard to accept but when we do our world can change instantly!