August 11, 2015 Riley

Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat.  It’s one of the most intense and technical sports we have today.  The evolution of wrestling went from a form of survival to a sport known  world-wide. Today in folk-style wrestling you alone are up against an opponent with a referee watching every move.  You are to stay within a circle on a mat and the idea is to control the center of the circle.  There is a point system to determine a win but there is more than just points that can get you the win.  Again, you are the only one wrestling for yourself but the points go to the team score. It’s both an individual and team sport.  I personally have wrestled all my life and thought of this analogy one day while thinking of the struggle we face wrestling the fallen angel.  The fallen angel can be a few different things like our natural man within, Lucifer, temptation, or opposition in general.  All these things share a common theme, they all are fighting against us.  How does wrestling tie into our personal, spiritual, or temporal progress?

We are always fighting against opposition, “For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things.”  (2 Nephi 2:11)  It’s a primary and indispensable principle  of the Plan of Salvation God had laid out for us from the very beginning.  As stated earlier, the opponent we face is a constant in our lives.  We are to wrestle with it to ensure our happiness and safety.  There is no leaving the match to avoid this opponent.  Remember the idea is to control the center of the mat.  This can be us controlling our lives, protecting our families, or securing our salvation.  As we keep the opponent at bay we can have peace and comfort knowing we are in control.  But we must keep inside the circle that is marked out on the mat.  If we leave this circle we are in trouble.  This circle should be the commandments of God or whatever rules and guidelines that keep you in tune with your Higher Power.    Remember the Referee is there to ensure it is a clean match, he doesn’t favor one side but in the match against opposition the referee is the Lord and He is on our side to make sure we do what is right and have the courage to stand up against the opponewrestling3nt.  Again this is an individual sport but the team will benefit from the win.  The team in this case is our Heavenly Family cheering us on and awaiting our win.  They will jump for joy when we come out on top,  of course the coach, God, will be overly happy when He gets to see us take home the gold.

It is a comforting feeling to know it is almost impossible to lose this match,  there is an all-knowing and  all-powerful Heavenly Father coaching us for the W.  His perfect and infinite love is all-encompassing.  I can say this match will be a permanent win for those who trust in God and control the center of the mat.  The opposition will not and cannot win if we just believe we can do it.  The choice to fight is more than half the battle.  As a side note, those who are wrestling with yourselves to overcome addiction, doubt, uncertainty, or pain you are not alone.  Please keep up the fight and have confidence in your ability to win only with a little bit of trust in your Higher Power!  Take Enos for an example, ” And I will tell you of the wrestle which I had before God, before I received a remission of my sins.” -Enos 1:2

Control the center of the mat with all your might, and remember you are much stronger when you have the Lord’s strength with you.