December 24, 2015 Riley

Do you want an answer to one of life’s secrets?  We are born with a road map to life.  That implies we have the answers to the most frequently asked questions: what should I do in life? What am I good at?  What do I study?  Who am I?  It would be hard to find a single person who hasn’t asked something along these lines.  These are such simple questions but the answers are not so simple.  People struggle to get these answers, I know I have.  There was a period of time where I felt as if I was crawling in circles or completely stagnant.  I wanted to do this, I wanted to do that; I could do this, I could do that. I thought I could do anything, I suppose that’s a good thing.  The search for ‘me’ was stressful and led to some anxiety, depression and sadness.  With all this noise in the world one can be led down paths that they don’t necessarily desire.  The demand for success is apparent everywhere and it weighs on people’s shoulders.  This forces people to think they need to be doctors or lawyers to be rich and happy.  If those jobs aren’t consistent with you, then your happiness will deplete. Picking a job that is going to be the highest paying may not be the best idea for your eventual emotional, physical and spiritual health.  I did just that and I mean it when I say I was not happy.  I thought about jobs that I could do that to earn the most money, then I thought about what to study at my University to get a job in that area.  A focus like that was not fit for me.  Eventually, I realized that if I went to medical school to become a doctor and ended up not loving it, that meant I was stuck with a degree that was designed to be only a doctor.  From then on I started listening to myself and started to feel happier.

I want to make something clear before I go on.  I believe in a Higher Power that communicates with us, more specifically a Heavenly Father (and Mother) who speak to their children within the heart and mind. When I say I listen to myself, I also pray to seek extra guidance when needed.  However, I believe that we are here to make our decisions and create our destiny so with that listening to yourself is vital to progression, growth, and development.  But when it’s all said and done God will never leave any of us alone and He will be with us every step we take, listening to yourself and the Divine are inseparable.   If you have a Higher Power go to it and ask for some help.  Listening to yourself has direct ties to something Divine, which is why we should listen to ourselves over the distractions around us.  Here’s a warning, humbly seeking guidance from the Divine isn’t as popular as it used to be whether it be within your heart or through prayer, some might not understand but I urge you to listen to yourself and your Higher Power.

The day I started to listen to myself was when I started to feel happier and understand where I was meant to go, where I was most needed, where I belong. Why should we listen to ourselves?  As explained above, the Divine is directly connected to us since we were born.  Imagine being taught directly by the Divine everything you need to know for your life before you were born.  As well as developing your personality, traits, attributes, and talents. So there is a very good reason to listen to yourself, your gut feeling, your conscience, your heart and mind.  You are your compass to get through life.  Here is some advice to help speed up this process and make it easy.

  •  Think.  Take a good amount of time to think without any distractions. Think about who you are, what you want, where you want to go and why.  Ask yourself questions. Have an inner-dialogue between you and your potential within.
  • Act. Get to work.  Nothing can’t be the result of something. Nothing is always the result of nothing.  This means if you do something you will reap the benefits. In short, nothing equals nothing.  Once your mind is made up it’s absolutely imperative to get moving so run, jump, crawl, jog, walk, whatever it takes.  This when  your inner compass guides you.  A compass is useless until you move in the direction it points.

There is a simple two-step process that will lead to your ultimate happiness and enjoyment in life.  Finding your way in life is tough.  To make things easier remember that you have a destiny, more importantly you create your destiny. Once again figure out who you are, what you are good at, what you like to do, what you want and why, the how will work itself out as you follow your inner compass.  Success IS NOT  measured by onlookers, by numbers, by profit, by any amount but by the happiness you feel in your heart. You define your success.  Listen to yourself!  Your compass is already showing you the way, look at it then start moving.

be happy.